Delegate access lets Dynamics Tech customers share access to their accounts with other people, but without having to share passwords or other secure information.

How does delegate access work?

As the account owner, you can invite others to access your account. If they accept your invitation, these delegates can open and use your products as they and you see fit:

  • You can decide if your delegates have permission to purchase products for your account. If so, delegates are unable to view or change your secure account information, such as your payment methods and passwords.
  • Products purchased by delegates on your behalf are added to your account.
  • You can change permission levels or remove delegate access at any time.

How is delegate access different for domains?

  • Delegates may manage DNS and nameserver changes and domain forwarding.
  • If you've given your delegate permission to buy products, then your delegate can also buy domains directly or on the domain aftermarket. Purchased domains have been added to your account.
  • Delegates aren't allowed to view or change your domain purchase profile or your secure domain information, such as your contact address.
  • Delegates aren't allowed to sell your domains.

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